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Australia built a National Service Directory combining national health, human and infrastructure service and provider directories. It was in response to an increasing frustration initially from health professionals about accessing inconsistent and inaccurate information. The national directory that holds more than 400,000 services and is the basic platform for a range of other software that is used by government departments, non-profit organizations and small businesses across the country.







Inspired by the success of the creation of a large data repository AITIA formed a team of committed individuals to take this nimble approach to amalgamating data and creating intelligence out of information.



We provide end to end services of data integration creating a single source of truth for your data and information.



Our technology base is a secure platform to international standards that can integrate or silo your data as required.


We manage your data in a secure environment using API transfer. It is cleaned and synthesized to ensure it is fully interoperable and then placed in a secure cloud database. Different levels of security are added according to data sensitivity. It can then be overlaid with open source data and transformed into information intelligence.


In the health domain our solutions are developed to FHIR based standards. For other entities international security protocols and blockchain technologies apply.


ECHAlliance Ecosystems across the World

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