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We are a global digital consulting service with expertise in data consolidation and integration

We are experts in unifying and getting value from data.

We promote the managed transfer of knowledge across borders.

We can provide solutions to a fragmented system, transforming your data in a secure and accessible interface.

Data analytics mapping

Providing synthesised data in a visual representation

• data can then be viewed in a real-time map

• all services • usage rates • cross checked against population need

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 9.29.52 PM.png

Fragmented Health system example

about fig 1.png
about fig 2.png

Data analytics mapping

Providing synthesized data in a visual representation ​

about map .png

Our Team

We are a diverse team of dedicated professionals, with consultants located in United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and across Europe. More than software: our consultants understand the challenge in the health and social care sector experienced in bringing together people and data.



Laurie Hawkins, CEO

Laurie has spent years advocating for the management of data across borders. He has been responsible for the adoption of the National Health Services Directory (NHSD) and the National Healthmap used by eight (8) State and Territory Governments, the Federal Government, private, public and not for profit health and social care service providers in July 2012


Kym Reading, COO

Kym has spent more than 15 years working in health and finance sectors delivering major change projects across private and public sectors.


Anup Bonik, Chief Analyst

Anup has worked on major reform projects in the private sector and led digital transformation of public health entities.

John Yang, Chief Technology Officer

John is a Technology Veteran with 20 years of Enterprise Solution Experience,  particularly in  Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation, Public and other industry sectors.  


He has been taking similar technical and strategic roles in various companies in the Asia Pacific region, such as SAP Chief Architect in a leading IT service company in Australia & New Zealand, CTO in an Industry 4.0 company in Shanghai, China, and various roles as Senior Consultant & Senior Project Manager in Fortune 500 companies in Singapore.

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